Bot Rules

The bot rules are here to keep you and the servers safe

1) You agree not to exploit the bot

This means if you find a bug and abuse it

2) No self botting

Self botting means to automate your account or send lots of messages faster than humanly possible for long periods of time for the sole purpose to generate exp

3) Using the bot for giveaway requirements

It is not ok for a giveaway requirement to be anything with Eventer (E.X: Needing 1k exp to win)

4) Money for EXP

While there is a built in give commands, it is not to be used to gain money (E.X: $1 for 100 exp)

5) EXP Bribing

You are not allowed to threaten users to give up X amount of exp or they receive a warn. Also not allowed to use the EXP as in server currency

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